Quality Industrial Lubricants for Louisiana Businesses

At Lube & Fuel Solutions LLC, we are committed to giving our customers the highest-quality lube and fuel products on the market to maximize their profitability while also ensuring the use of environmentally friendly and efficient solutions.

Investing in high-quality lubrication products pays your business back in the long-term. The products we have in stock help our clients ensure a longer lifespan for their equipment, significantly reduced downtime due to maintenance issues, reduced labor, longer intervals between necessary service appointments, fewer parts needing to be replaced and reduced inventories, etc. All of these benefits add up to significant savings for your company through greater profitability.

We’re pleased to partner with the following brands to distribute their lines of trusted, reliable products:

Product Categories

Here’s a quick overview of the various types of products we keep in stock and what you can expect from our offerings.

Oil and Fuel Improvers

We have gas and diesel fuel improvers available from Opti-Lube and Swepco, both of which will provide you with extremely reliable service and protection. These products are designed to increase the amount of life you get out of your oil and fuel while still ensuring safe operation. Their long-lasting, protective nature has been shown through various practical studies to improve diesel cetane levels by four points, decrease diesel fuel consumption by between four and 13.5%, and do all of this while cleaning out injector systems.

Fuel Biocides

When fuels become contaminated with microbes, there could be some big potential costs due to the damage they can cause. This is why fuel biocides exist—to efficiently kill off any microbes and microorganisms that might get into your fuel and attempt to proliferate. We have a couple fuel biocide options in stock that will kill these microorganisms within eight to 24 hours of use. Add them into bacteria-infested fuel tanks, and you’ll no longer have to worry about the quality of your fuel.

Desiccant Breathers

Any time you’re working with large quantities of oil and lubricants, you need to be concerned about preventing contamination of those substances. Desiccant breathers are designed to protect against moisture and contaminants. With oil storage tanks or barrels, every time oil gets pumped out, air gets brought in to fill the space. If the surrounding air has high levels of humidity, that means you’re introducing moisture into the system. Moisture can wreak havoc on lubricants, so the use of desiccant breathers, especially in high-moisture environments, are crucial to maintaining the quality of your lubricants.

Automatic Lubrication Systems

Studies show the majority of bearing failures, downtime and unnecessary maintenance costs are the result of poor lubrication. The use of automatic lubrication systems ensures you are able to maintain consistent standards of lubrication without having to invest man hours in this maintenance task. Keep your machine systems well-lubricated and avoid taking major financial hits through downtime and unnecessary repairs!

Oil and Fuel Sampling

Oil and fuel sampling refers not to the prospect of getting free samples of oil and fuel, but rather taking samples from your oil and fuel for analysis. This process is crucial for engine maintenance in particular because it provides important information about the air intake system, as it allows you to track the levels of dirt and contaminants in the oil. The presence and levels of contaminants and combustion soot in your oil can indicate problems with the system you might not have otherwise uncovered without the sampling and analysis process.

Fuel Polishing

Diesel fuel polishing refers to the process of extracting emulsified water from diesel fuel kept in storage tanks, which helps to preserve the fuel’s integrity over a longer period of time. This process ensures more efficient fuel performance, reduced clogging of fuel filters, prevention of carbon buildup and corrosion, and cleaner fuel with fewer harmful emissions.

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