Quality Products

At Lube & Fuel Solutions, LLC, our goal is to improve your bottom line profitability by finding environmentally friendly solutions to oil and fuel consumption.

High Performance, High Film Strength Lubricants:

We represent the finest quality, energy saving lubricant lines for both mineral-based and synthetic-based oils, greases and fluids, all with the latest additive technology to promote increased equipment life, reduced labor and downtime, longer service intervals, fewer parts replacement, and reduced inventories for increased customer profitability.

Official Royal Purple Distributor

Oil and Fuel Improvers:

Get safe, longer life from your oil and fuel with the extra protection of premium oil and fuel improvers Our fuel improver line is proven to boost diesel cetane levels by 4 points, clean injector systems and decrease diesel fuel consumption 4%-13.5% !

Fuel Biocides:

Kills microorganisms within 8 – 24 hours.  Polish your fuel or just add to your bacteria infested fuel tanks for optimum fuel quality.  

Fuel Polishing:

Bring  your contaminated fuel back to premium level.  Our system removes 99.9% of water and 99% of bacterial growth.

Desiccant Breathers:

Eliminate moisture buildup inside your oil and fuel tanks.  Desiccant breathers are especially beneficial in high-moisture environments.

Automatic Lubrication Systems:

Protect your investment by ensuring that your equipment is being properly lubricated, with the help of automatic oiling and greasing systems, finely tuned for your application.  

Oil/Fuel analysis:

You sample it, We process it! Stay informed as to the performance of your equipment. Analysis programs are an invaluable predictive maintenance tool. Programs include online sample reporting with email notification.
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