About Lube & Fuel Solutions, LLC

Louisiana’s Leading Industrial Distributor

Bill Gonsoulin is a friendly face across several industries, including oil and gas, transportation and drilling, commercial trucking and logistics, petroleum and chemical, off-road construction, in-land and offshore, paper/forestry/lumber, and any others you can think of.

Bill’s been able to integrate himself and his business into these industries because of his dedication to learning and finding the right solutions for the subject at hand. Answering to the call in 1988, Bill found a niche in not only being knowledgeable about the products needed, but also in being a loyal distributor to his clients. First and foremost, Bill’s clients will tell you that he’s got the knack for customer service and deliverability. While industries may ebb and flow, Bill’s dependability stays consistent.

In 2005, Bill opened Lube & Fuel Solutions, LLC. His company’s mission is simple, keep machines running better and longer with the goal of increasing an owner’s bottom line. To achieve this mission L&F analyzes and diagnoses equipment life, while recommending products that keep machines running efficiently.

L&F is committed to helping businesses enhance machine longevity and effectiveness. Let us serve you by finding you the very best solutions for your business.

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