Equipment Solutions for Louisiana Industries

At Lube & Fuel Solutions, we are proud to serve a wide variety of industries throughout Louisiana. Whether you are in need of fuel biocides, perma-lube, desiccant breathers, barrier fluids or any other lubrication solutions, Lube & Fuel is here to be your convenient partner for all of your needs.

We work with clients in fields such as:

  • Dredging companies
  • Commercial trucking and logistics
  • Any type of company or organization with commercial fleets
  • Off-road construction companies
  • Petroleum-related companies, including transportation and drilling
  • Marine companies, both inland and offshore
  • Natural Gas & Utilities companies
  • Municipalities with their own fleets

Any type of company that has any sort of large equipment and mechanical systems, either moving or stationary, can benefit from the services and products we provide. No matter what the application, all machinery needs proper lubrication to function at peak efficiency and performance.

Why Us?

Lube & Fuel Solutions can provide you with a full range of lubrication services to ensure you get the most efficient use of your equipment and fuel. By working with us, you can protect your machinery and fuel against potential bacteria infestation to maintain its purity and efficiency. Additionally, we can help to reduce downtime caused by needed repairs or replacement costs by as much as 25%. Our goal is to keep your machinery well-maintained and operating at peak efficiency.

We also help our partners reduce the amount of waste oil they create, reducing their carbon footprint as a result. We also find ways for our clients to consolidate their oil for more cost-effective use.

With Lube & Fuel Solutions, your company can:

  • Restore bacteria infested fuel to 99% purity for higher efficiency
  • Consolidate lube oil for better housekeeping and cost savings
  • Reduce downtime because of malfunctioning or inefficient machinery
  • Reduce parts replacement and repair costs by 10-25%
  • Reduce waste oil disposal for a better environmental imprint

Comprehensive Services

Our consultation services include the following:

  • Onsite analysis: Our experts come to your facility to conduct a thorough analysis of your equipment and vehicles and develop a report of their findings, including steps you can take to reduce costs and waste. Being proactive with testing keeps you up to date about the condition of your equipment and can help you pinpoint small issues before they become larger, expensive ones.
  • Analysis of lube oil products and use: After completing an analysis of your equipment, we provide a detailed recommendation for lube consolidation and product conversion, resulting in significant savings in oil expenses. This means you’re able to get your machines performing better and longer, while saving money in the process.
  • Analysis of fuel quality: We suggest strategies to help our clients maximize their fuel efficiency and cost savings. The selection of the proper fuel is vital in both regards, and often clients are unable to find opportunities for significant savings without a thorough analysis of current products and processes.

Contact us

We are eager for the opportunity to assist clients in all varieties of industries with their fuel and lubrication needs. For more information about how we can help you achieve your company’s goals, contact us today.

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