Consultation Services

Onsite testing

Lube & Fuel Solution’s expert personnel will analyze your equipment and vehicles first-hand and provide a thorough, accurate report for cost and waste reduction. Comprehensive, detailed testing can make the difference in knowing where your machines stand. Don’t wait until you need an assessment to have one.

Analysis of lube oil products and use

A product of our analysis  is a detailed recommendation for lube consolidation and product conversion for significant oil cost savings. One of our goals at L&F is to make our customers’ machines run longer and better. Often enough, that goal aligns with re-evaluating the needs of the customer and their current supplies.

Analysis of fuel quality

At the core of L&F, we provide recommendations for optimum fuel efficiency and maximized fuel cost savings. We realize that the quality of these industrial fuels are the heart of the machine and are an essential piece to the business. Let us help you make the best decisions when it comes to your fuel.

Industries we serve

We strive to assess and service all industrial-sized businesses. From fuel biocides, perma-lube, desiccant breathers, barrier fluids, Royal Purple oil and lube, and more, L&F strives to be your one-stop shop for all of your synthetic lubricant needs.

The bottomline is if your company has moving or stationary equipment, then it can more than likely profit from our services.

Some of our most prominent industries served include:

  • Petroleum-related companies from drilling to transportation
  • Marine companies, inland and offshore
  • Off-road construction companies
  • Trucking and transportation companies
  • Municipalities
  • Companies with commercial fleets
  • Utilities