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Official Royal Purple Distributor

As an official Royal Purple Distributor, we have access to a wide array of Royal Purple synthetic lubricants and other high quality products. Our top selling Royal Purple industrial products are:

  • Barrier Fluid – a non-reactive, synthetic fluid that provides quality lubrication and cooling. Best for double and tandem mechanical seals.
  • Marine Hydraulic Oil – a high quality, biodegradable, and environmentally friendly oil that also protects your equipment. Best for off-shore and other marine related companies.
  • BioMax EAL Hydraulic Oil – a high performance, eco-friendly synthetic lubricant that protects while increasing equipment effectiveness. Best suited for both subsea and on-deck marine hydraulic systems
  • Synfilm GT – a clean, high film strength, efficient synthetic lubricant used to increase the life and usability of equipment. Best for gas and steam turbines, blowers and vacuum pumps, bearings, gears, and more.

With Lube & Fuel Solutions, your company can:

  • Restore fuel purity for higher efficiency
  • Consolidate lube oil for cost savings
  • Reduce downtime because of malfunctioning machinery
  • Reduce parts replacement and repair costs
  • Reduce waste oil disposal for a better environmental imprint