Protect Heavy Duty Equipment From Corrosion

SWEPCO 770 Fire Resistant Hydraulic Fluid is a hydraulic fluid with a unique ester base that makes it water-free. The specially designed fluid is greater than 90% biodegradable in less than 10 days and 100% in less than 28 days. SWEPCO 770 is compatible with most mineral oil, ester, and polyol ester based fluids. This hydraulic fluid was formulated with a high flash point to replace mineral oil based fluids in areas where fire hazards exist.

SWEPCO 770 can be used in environmentally sensitive applications and normal hydraulic systems. It is well suited for use in heavy duty operations such as:

  • Underground Mining

  • Foundries

  • Smelters

  • Oil Refineries

  • Chemical Plants

  • And More!

Key Advantages of SWEPCO 770

  • Superior corrosion and rust resistance

  • Compatible with other hydraulic fluids

  • Excellent wear prevention

  • Made from sustainable and renewable materials

  • Biodegradable – can be used in environmentally sensitive areas

  • Meets HFD-U fire resistance specification

  • Long oxidative life, 1000+ hours

  • Flash point in excess of 600°F (315°C)

  • Wide operating temperature -21°F (-29°C) to 563°F (295°C)

  • Compatible with most seals, elastomers, “O” rings & most coatings and paints

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