Superior protection for heavily loaded bearings

SWEPCO 123 Ultra EP Multi-Service Grease is a premium high pressure gun grease formulated to provide extra protection for high load, high heat, and extreme pressure applications. SWEPCO 123 is composed of a complex calcium sulfonate gelling mixture that delivers EP characteristics without the need of other additives. With this product, you can enjoy superior protection, longer greasing intervals, longer equipment life, fewer repair bills, and more uptime.

SWEPCO 123 is ideal for steel, construction, mining, paper, plastic, glass, brick and ceramics industries. It is best for applications in:

  • Backhoes

  • Earth moving equipment

  • Draglines

  • Steel mills

  • Concrete plants

  • High water exposure applications

  • Low speed high load bearing

  • High speed moderate to high load bearing 

  • And More!

Key Advantages of SWEPCO 123

  • Superior mechanical stability – “in grade” longer

  • High dropping point – greater than 580° F (300° C)

  • Heat and wear resistance – keeps your equipment running longer

  • Resistant to water and corrosion in both salt and freshwater environments

  • Reduces consumption and prevents thinning and bleeding

  • Low environmental impact – reduces need for zinc, phosphorus or sulfur additives

  • Does not include any lead, antimony, or barium

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